Weak-Sauce Coffee and What God Said

God guides us in mysterious ways; the Bible even records God getting a message across through a talking donkey. God speaks to me a lot, strangely enough, through coffee.

I love coffee. I’m not sure why. But yeah, I really like it, and I like it strong. Black, cream, sugar, latte, mocha, it’s all good, as long as the coffee has a good kick to it. Moving to Australia in the last month, figuring out where to get coffee has been an important point in my cultural assimilation. Lucky for me, I hit the jack-pot with a good coffee brand straight away, and morning coffee made in a french press has been something to look forward to.

The last three days, however, something unfortunate has happened. My coffee has been about the color of weak tea, pretty much weak-sauce brown water. When it happens once, you say “Oh bother.” When it happens twice, you say, “Man, not again.” When it happens three times you know there’s something seriously wrong with the world. And I know what’s wrong, because my coffee told me.

I’ve been pushing the limits, trying to stretch out my coffee grinds, seeing if I can get by with using less. And pretty much I’ve discovered that it doesn’t work that way. If you want good coffee, you don’t skimp on grinds. Duh. I knew that, but, yeah, I guess I have to learn the hard way. And where does God fit in? Well, on day one I looked at that sad imitation coffee, knew the mistake I had made, and also knew instantly in my spirit that I’d been doing the same thing in my walk with God. I’ve been thinking I could scrimp, have a few moments here, a quick prayer there, sleep a little longer in the morning, etc. But God made it clear to me in my coffee cup that if I do that, my “taste” of Him will be pretty weak. He wants to be so much stronger in my life than He is at this moment. But I need to stop being stingy and increase the amount of time I put in. It’s hard because it means changing habits and shifting priorities. But I have a feeling that once I have a taste of that “strong coffee” in my life I will never be satisfied with weak-sauce quiet time again. I also have a hunch that I will be unable to brew myself a decent cup of coffee until I actually listen and respond to what God’s telling me. He definitely knows how to get my attention. I think I’ve had enough imitation coffee for one season. It’s time to go all in.


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