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Airport Journeys


Sitting in an airport, following that age old travel motto, “Hurry up and wait.” Today I knew there was no real hurry—4 hours between connections. Nothing pressing to do. Just wait. I scan the screen and don’t even have a definite boarding gate to move towards. So I drop my bags and sit. I watch other travelers skirting by, rolling bags, back-packs, and travel skate boards in tow. All going somewhere. And I simply sit, inactive.

I have had my moments of hurrying through airports. There was that time in this same airport when my team literally ran, fearing the very real possibility that our flight to Cambodia would leave without us. Stress overload. Today is different. Almost relaxing. For some it would be simply maddening.

Sometimes it feels like everyone else has somewhere to go, except me. They move forward; I sit around doing nothing. It makes one feel guilty or wonder if you missed something somewhere. It’s easy to forget that when you are a traveler on a journey, sometimes you have to sit and wait. Sometimes the heart of faithfulness is waiting by the board to find out your gate, or sitting at the gate until the time is right. Patience, traveler. Journey on. Eventually, you’ll get where you’re going.